2022 Residential Furniture Industry Consumer Insights Report

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High-end, elegant, stylish and simple furniture styles are still the mainstream choice of consumers. Diversified styles such as minimalist, Italian, and Nordic have attracted attention, and the "sense of design" is more likely to impress young consumer

High-end atmosphere, fashion and simplicity are the mainstream feedback from consumers on e-commerce platforms in terms of furniture appearance design. In consumer public opinion, words such as light luxury, fashion, and simplicity are often mentioned. Different from the popularity of e-commerce platforms, users of social platforms have more diverse aesthetics of sofa styles, minimalist, Italian, Nordic, American, French, and a mix of various styles are often mentioned together. The new generation of consumer groups pay attention to multiple aesthetics and individual expression. In addition to mainstream styles, more design, more stylized, and more personalized furniture designs are easier to reach the young consumer market. In this regard, foreign high-end furniture and Cutting-edge designer styles are iconic.

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Comfortable home experience, diversified additional functions, and diversified access scenarios are the future trends. Furniture design needs to care about different needs from the details.

With the improvement of consumption level, people have higher requirements for the quality of home, and the epidemic has catalyzed a large number of home office needs, and the comfort of sofas, tables, chairs and other furniture has attracted more and more attention. Among the tweets about sofa styles on social platforms, lazy sofas are mentioned the most, and their comfort is effectively perceived. In the consumer feedback on the e-commerce platform, multifunctional configurations such as electric, ergonomics, and massage that relieve fatigue and enhance comfort are mentioned. Beds with bedside night lights and sockets are well received by consumers. In addition to the functional design in the details, the expansion of the home scene is also worthy of attention. Foldable, lightweight and portable furniture has been mentioned many times in scenes such as office lunch breaks, small apartments, rental houses, dormitories, and outdoor camping.

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Online furniture purchase service experience is effectively perceived by consumers, "customer service + installation" is the key to improving service and strengthening brand power.

Among the consumer sentiments of the three key brands of IKEA, Ashley HomeStore, and Raymour & Flanigan, the voices of customer service and installation services are relatively high. Furniture is a low-frequency consumer category that emphasizes decision-making, but it also includes many branch supporting products, forming its own unique category ecology. For online furniture consumption, brand awareness can quickly acquire customers, while brand service will affect the repurchase of subsequent supporting furniture and the building of brand reputation. Patiently answering pre-sales inquiries, actively solving after-sales problems, timely installation progress, good installation service attitude, and professional installation technology are the common demands of a large number of consumer feedback.

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Children's furniture deserves attention. "Caring for babies and liberating parents" is the product positioning. Safer materials, more refined craftsmanship, and more complete functional configurations are the direction of differentiated breakthroughs.

When consumers choose children's furniture, they pay more attention to environmental protection, safety and odor-free materials, and pay more attention to functionality and detailed design. According to consumer feedback on the e-commerce platform, details such as corner anti-collision, bedside reinforcement and anti-fall, electric rocking function of the crib, foldability and built-in music of the child seat have all been effectively adopted by consumers. perception. Children's furniture is not a "minified version" of adult furniture. It has stricter standards in terms of safety and craftsmanship, and has its own unique breakthrough direction in terms of functions.

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Consumers have a more specific perception of wooden materials, and furniture materials that are environmentally friendly, safe and formaldehyde-free are more trusted.

In the public opinions of consumers on social platforms and e-commerce platforms, wooden materials are mentioned to varying degrees. Consumers are more sensitive to the smell of materials and the related formaldehyde problem. Solid wood materials are trusted by consumers because of their natural and environmental protection.