Introduction, purchase strategy and maintenance of various dining tables

A beautiful and stylish restaurant can create a warm and comfortable dining atmosphere, and can also enhance the relationship between family members, making eating a happy thing. The dining table is the focus of the restaurant, and different styles and materials will bring different experience.

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I. Dining Table Style

1. Independent dining table

There are two common independent dining tables: square dining table and round dining table, and the two occupy different space. Square dining table is more versatile, no matter how large the area and what kind of decoration style can be well matched. The round dining table is more solemn and more suitable for large House type, classical, Chinese and European styles.

2. Island dining table

The large-area dining-kitchen integrated design and open kitchen design, in addition to the finished independent dining table, can also connect the dining table to the island, which is not only very high-end atmosphere, but also can be used as an extension of the kitchen, making the restaurant space more functional of perfection.

3. Bar counter table

Unlike a large space combined with an island, a small-area restaurant or even a unit without a restaurant can choose a bar counter table, combine the dining table with the kitchen, and use the corner of the kitchen and the living room to add a countertop. It is especially suitable for partners who like open kitchens.

II. The material of the dining table

There are many materials for dining tables, such as wood, stone, glass, etc., and the use of different materials is very different in terms of aesthetics and decoration.

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1. Wood

Wooden dining tables can be divided into two types: solid wood and artificial boards. Solid wood is the more common dining table material. The main advantage is that it has a warm feeling, good texture and environmental protection performance. Most of the wood dining tables sold in the market have been dried and processed, which can effectively prevent moths, are not easily deformed, can withstand a certain high temperature, and have a long service life. Wood logs can also adjust the humidity and temperature of the environment, making the home environment more livable. Especially with the rise of Japanese style and simple style in recent years, more and more solid wood dining tables are used. In addition to all solid wood, veneer is the mainstream material of modern dining table. Its cost is lower than that of all wood logs, but the effect is not inferior to wood logs. Wooden dining tables are available in a variety of colors, and the most common is the original wood color. Veneer is generally made of oak, walnut and acacia, and the texture is more durable.

And different woods have different effects. Ordinary families can choose beech, walnut, cherry, oak and other wood dining tables. The wood is excellent and the price is high. Of course, if the budget is tight, you can also choose pine, which is relatively cheap.

When choosing a solid wood dining table, you need to pay attention to whether the wood has cracks, etc., and look at the weight. The heavier the solid wood, the higher the density, which is generally better.

The most representative of the artificial board dining table is the particleboard countertop. The main feature of this type of dining table is that the price is very cheap, but relatively speaking, it is not so durable. After all, artificial boards are still more afraid of water, and their environmental performance is inferior to that of solid wood.

Solid wood has different colors and textures to suit different decoration styles. Generally, solid wood dining tables are often used in the decoration of classical and Japanese styles. They can be matched with leather sofas and fabric sofas, and are also suitable for Nordic and industrial styles.

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2. Stone dining table

The stone dining table is more modern and fashionable, which can enhance the grade and gorgeousness of the space, and make the dining atmosphere more dignified and elegant. Generally suitable for modern, European, light luxury and other styles. And the types of stone dining tables are also relatively rich, such as marble, sintered stone or ceramics, terrazzo, etc.

Marble is the most used type of stone dining table. It is not only wear-resistant and easy to clean, but also has a smooth and textured surface. The pattern is unique and looks beautiful. Due to the high hardness of marble itself, the wear resistance is good, and it is not easy to deform. It is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and should not be scratched. Stable physical properties and long service life. The disadvantage is that it is relatively "brittle" and is not resistant to impact. Under heavy blows, it is easy to break or notch. It is also easy to be penetrated and discolored by impurities. Marble is heavy, and it is difficult to move it at ordinary times. When placing it, you must first determine the position.

Marble dining table can also be divided into natural and artificial marble. Because the price of natural high-end marble is too expensive, it is generally suitable for people with sufficient budget. If you have a limited budget, you can choose artificial marble, which is cheap and has the texture of marble.

Sintered stone dining table can be said to be an upgraded version of "marble". It has the advantages of marble dining table, but also avoids most of the shortcomings of marble, and there is no problem of penetration. And because the thickness of the sintered stone is relatively thin, it looks lighter.

Ceramic is a popular dining table material in recent years. Ceramic dining table has a good texture, is relatively wear-resistant, and is relatively simple to maintain. However, the unit price of imported ceramics is high and the styles are relatively small. The advantage is that the texture is good, it is more wear-resistant, and it is relatively simple to maintain. After high temperature firing, it is resistant to freezing and high temperature. It won't fade and it's easy to clean. Easy to clean up. The disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high and the service life is short.

The terrazzo countertop dining table looks more personalized, and it is not as smooth and cold as marble. It has a nostalgic and retro feeling, and it is visually more novel and unique.

The burning stone dining table is resistant to dirt and wear, and has a good waterproof effect, but there are some potholes on the surface that are not easy to clean.

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3. Glass, metal dining table

If your home is designed in a modern style, the transparent texture of glass and metal can make the home environment brighter, which is a good choice. As the main material type of the dining table, the glass dining table can form an excellent combination with other kinds of furniture. The concise lines and transparent visual effects make it outstanding and not obtrusive. Type, shining brightly in the home environment.

The glass dining table is stylish. The surface is flat and smooth, easy to care for, and cost-effective. Because the glass is relatively transparent, it can create a larger sense of space when used in a small space, and the glass surface can be replaced at any time, so it is highly recommended for families in small spaces. However, it should be noted that the quality and weight of the glass are very important when purchasing. If the quality is not good, the glass will be more fragile and not resistant to high temperature, which may cause potential safety hazards in normal use. Severe temperature changes can also easily lead to the cracking of tempered glass.

The dining table made of metal such as stainless steel will not produce corrosion, pitting, rust or wear, with corrosion resistance, enhanced strength, steel deformation is not easy to break and environmental protection performance, not easy to rust, suitable for harsh environments (humidity, acid and alkali and other indoor and outdoor environments ) some public environment hardware facilities used.

Of course, no matter what kind of material the table top is, the dining table legs are best made of solid wood or wrought iron, which can guarantee stable load-bearing.

After talking about the difference between styles and materials, let's take a look at how to choose a suitable dining table.

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III. How to Choose a Dining Table

1. Choose according to the size of the restaurant

The size of the dining room is a key point that must be considered when choosing a dining table. Generally speaking, the size of the dinner table should not exceed 1/3 of the entire restaurant. If your restaurant has enough space, you can choose a thicker and larger dinner table, otherwise it will be very incongruous. If the space in your home is relatively small, the permanent population is not large, and the number of people dining is uncertain, you can choose some smaller-sized thin-leg dining tables, or foldable and extendable dining tables, which do not take up space for normal use and have relatives and friends. Just come and eat.

Generally speaking, the height of the dining table is 75cm-80cm, and the height of the dining chair is about 45cm. The length of the dining table should be determined according to the shoulder width of the person. In general, the shoulder width of an adult male is about 50cm, and the length of the table for four people should be no less than 100cm. In addition, there should be extra space for placing tableware and sundries, and the length should be 1.4m-1.6m. If it's a table for six people, it's 1.8m-2.1m, and so on. The width of the square dining table is generally 80cm-90cm, the minimum is not less than 50cm, and the width that can accommodate one person is appropriate. The size of the round dinner table depends on the diameter. Most of the round dining tables on the market have a diameter of 120 cm and can accommodate about 8 people, which is suitable for larger families. If the area of the family is relatively small and you want to place a round dining table, you can choose to customize a smaller table.

2. Choose according to the decoration style

There are various types of dining tables on the market, with various colors and shapes. Therefore, when choosing, you need to conform to the overall home decoration style to make the home environment look more harmonious and beautiful. Especially in terms of color, if it is a simple and natural restaurant style, then the color of the dining table and chairs should not be as bright as possible, and more elegant furniture should be used.

3. Choose according to actual needs

When choosing a dining table, we can also choose different dining tables according to our actual needs. If you need to work from home often, you can buy an extra-long large rectangular dining table, which can be used for office work and meals at the same time. Also consider the age composition of family members to choose the material and type of dining table. If there are elderly people and children at home, choose a safer one. The material of the table can be selected from more environmentally friendly wood, and the corners of the tabletop are arc-shaped.

4. Choose according to the stability of the dining table

The stability of the dining table is determined by the overall structure of the table and the legs, of which the legs are divided into three types: central column type, general type and A-shaped type. The dining table with the central column base is more space-saving, it mainly bears the load with the middle column, and more things can be placed beside it. But this type of table is less stable than the other two tables. General table legs are the most common. They are more stable and have more space under the table. They are very economical and are the most popular type of table legs on the market. The dining table with A-shaped legs is the most fashionable, which can meet the needs of many young people's home decoration, and is more stable to use. But it takes up a lot of space under the table, and putting your feet or chairs will be hindered to a certain extent. Therefore, if the family space is small and there is a need for storage, it is recommended to choose the first two types.

5. The choice of dining chairs

When buying a dining table, the choice of matching set chairs is also particularly important. If you want to spend a little less energy choosing, but want a dining table and chairs that are consistent in style, you can buy an entire table and chair combination. If you want a little more style and create a personalized home decoration, you can choose to buy your own table and chairs. For the selection of dining tables and chairs, it is recommended to go to a home furnishing store for a trial sitting, and choose a table and chair that is most suitable for you according to your body shape and usage habits. If you want to save space, it is recommended to buy dining tables and chairs that can be stacked, which not only saves space, but also facilitates cleaning.

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IV. Dining Table Maintenance

Different materials have different maintenance methods. The following are the maintenance methods of three common materials dining table:

1. Wooden dining table

● Daily cleaning can be wiped with a damp cloth
● The stains can be wiped with a neutral detergent such as dishwashing liquid. Do not use alcohol or chemical cleaning agents to clean, which will damage the desktop
● Slight scratches can be rubbed with fine sandpaper, and then coated with handguard oil after grinding off the scratches.
● Avoid high temperature and excessive humidity.

2. Marble

● Marble is easy to leave color, and if there are stains, it should be cleaned up in time.
● Too hot items cannot be placed directly on the table.
● Avoid hitting with heavy objects

3. Glass

● You can usually place a tablecloth on the glass to avoid scratches
● Take care when placing things
● When cleaning, you can use a special glass washing machine to clean it more cleanly