Products and Suppliers Selection Tips of Wood Furniture

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At present, the tree species suitable for wood furniture and decoration are black walnut, ash, oak (white oak, red oak), rubber wood, pine, beech, walnut, teak, fir, camphor, elm, nanmu (golden Silk Nan), cherry wood, maple, etc., which wood is good for solid wood furniture? The price, service life and decorative effect of wood furniture of different wood species are also very different. It is necessary to accurately identify the tree species, choose suitable solid wood furniture, and understand the performance characteristics of some commonly used wood.

Wood furniture

Introduction of common wood species for solid wooden furniture

1. Pine (Pine masson, Pinus sylvestris)

Due to the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, solid wooden furniture has gradually increased, of which pine furniture accounts for a large part, especially since many children's furniture is made of pine. There are two main materials for pine wood furniture, one is Masson pine and the other is sylvestris pine, mainly sycamore pine, which is an important raw material for man-made fiberboard decoration. Masson pine grain is straight or obliquely uneven, and the structure is medium to thick. The disadvantage is that the warping crack is more serious when dry. Not resistant to decay. Poor paint and adhesive properties. The nail-holding force is strong, and relatively speaking, it is less used in furniture as a woodworking board. The price of a woodworking board is generally about 3 times that of a fir integrated board or large core board of the same size. Pinus sylvestris is widely used as a material for medium and low-grade solid wood furniture, and many log furniture is made of pine. Pine is stronger in material, clear in texture, and better in wood. Compared with fir, the wood grain of pine is more beautiful, and the wood scarring is less.

2. Fraxinus mandshurica

The largest proportion of the decorative panels is the ash panel. The reason why this panel is used is inseparable from its characteristics. It belongs to the wood of the genus Ash of the Oleaceae family. For Northeast China, North China, Russia and other places, the biggest advantage of ash is its texture. The texture of the ash is beautiful and clear. For example, as a veneer or furniture, brushing varnish or whitening can maximize its beauty. The pattern is suitable for the modern and simple style, and the ash panel is also a lower-priced veneer. The disadvantage is that if it is used as solid wood furniture, the deformation is large, so if the ash is made of solid wood, it is mostly spliced with small wooden blocks. Most of the ash wood furniture seen in the furniture store is the main frame of ash wood, and the large area is covered with ash wood veneer, which is because of the large deformation and shrinkage of ash.

3. Oak (white oak, red oak)

Oak is also a kind of decorative wood that everyone loves. In fact, red oak is not really red, but the wood yellow is pinkish. White oak is not white, but light yellow, which causes the color of red oak and white oak. The difference is not very big. The characteristics of oak are heavy and hard, straight in texture, thick in structure, elegant in color and beautiful in texture, quite high in mechanical strength, and wear-resistant, but wood is not easy to dry, sawing and cutting, and at the same time, if a large area is used, the degree of deformation is large. , The oak pattern also has the difference between straight grain and horizontal grain. The straight grain is more beautiful and the price is slightly more expensive. One thing to pay attention to when using oak, many use Southeast Asian rubber wood to pretend to be oak and pay attention when buying wooden furniture. For rubber wood, the identification method is that rubber wood has a peculiar smell, and is easy to be eaten by insects and corrodes.

4. Camphor wood

Its biggest feature is that it is in rich aroma, which can repel insects, prevent moths, mildew, and sterilize. Camphor balls are made from the spices in camphor wood. The tree diameter is large, the timber width is wide, and the pattern is beautiful. Camphor wood is dense and has a beautiful natural texture, tough texture, not easy to break, and not easy to crack. Camphor wood is mainly used for backboards and drawer boards of wooden furniture, especially trunks, bookcases, cabinets, etc. However, camphor wood is rarely used as a bed, because the fragrance of camphor wood will affect the quality of sleep, make people excited and even insomnia, and may also cause symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, nausea, and vomiting.

5. Elm

OElmwood has a wide width and excellent texture, small deformation rate, tough wood, clear texture, moderate hardness and strength, suitable for carving, smooth planed surface, beautiful chord surface pattern, and "wenge" pattern, which can be used for furniture, For decoration, etc. The wood furniture made of elm has a rough texture and a rustic style. And elm is very cost-effective.

6. Walnut

Walnut is one of the most popular precious woods in the world, especially in European countries, walnut, mahogany and oak are also known as the three precious woods. High-end European wooden furniture mostly uses these kinds of wood. The hardness of walnut wood is medium to slightly hard and heavy, the fiber structure is fine and uniform, and it has strong toughness. In China, walnut wood furniture is almost unique to Shanxi. Although other areas are also found, they are not as concentrated and excellent as those in Shanxi. The walnuts seen in southern China are generally imported, and the price of walnuts produced in different places varies greatly.

7. Black Walnut.

Black walnut is very expensive, and furniture is usually only made of veneer and rarely made of solid wood. The dark tree species has good elasticity and is very suitable for the surface of tables and chairs. The traditional veneer can be used for piano surfaces and the interior decoration surface of medium and high-end cars, the very precious California black walnut wood bark is used for higher-end wood veneers. The interior decoration of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other cars or the decoration of high-end clubs. Black walnut has excellent paint and dye properties and can be polished to an exceptional finish. Black walnut wood furniture has good dimensional stability and is rated as a wood with the highest resistance to corrosion in heartwood, making it the most durable wood even in corrosive environments. The density of black walnut is 0.66-0.68, and mahogany is 0.72, so black walnut is durable, not easy to crack, and can stand the baptism of years.

Wooden furniture

Specifically, if you want to find good wooden furniture suppliers on various platforms such as Alibaba or Made-in-China, you need to pay attention to the following three points:

1. Quality

The traditional interpretation of quality is good or excellent. For purchasers, the definition of quality should be: compliance with the requirements or specifications of the purchase and sale agreement is good quality. Therefore, purchasing personnel should try to understand the supplier's understanding of the quality of their own products. Suppliers with better management systems should have the following quality-related documents:

● Quality certificate
● Commodity inspection certificate

Purchasing personnel should obtain the above information from suppliers to facilitate future transactions. The product implementation standards for commodities in China include national standards, professional (departmental) standards and enterprise standards, which are further divided into mandatory standards and recommended standards. But usually in contracts or orders for sale and purchase, quality is expressed in one of the following ways:

● The grade of the product on the market
● The brand
● The standard commonly used in business
● Physical or chemical specifications
● Performance specifications
● Engineering drawing
● Samples (Seller or Buyer)
● A combination of the above

Purchasing personnel should first reach mutually agreed quality standards with suppliers on the quality of goods when purchasing. If possible, for some products, suppliers should be required to provide samples for storage to avoid future disputes or legal proceedings. For defective goods or goods damaged during storage and transportation, purchasers should request returns or refunds at the time of purchase.

2. Packaging

Packaging can be divided into two types: inner packaging and outer packaging; inner packaging is used to protect, display, or explain commodities, while outer packaging is only used for protection during storage and transportation. Well-designed inner packaging can often improve customers' willingness to buy and accelerate the turnaround of goods. Purchasing personnel should persuade suppliers to learn from good companies in this regard and improve them to benefit each other's sales.

3. Price

In addition to quality and packaging, price is the most important item in all purchasing matters. With high quality and low price, if the purchaser adds a reasonable gross profit to the purchase price for any product to be purchased, and even judges that the price cannot attract customers to purchase, they should not purchase from this supplier.
Before purchasing, purchasers should investigate the market price in advance, and should not rely on the one-sided words of the supplier. If there is no market price of the same product to check, they should refer to the market price of similar products. It is best for the purchasing personnel to analyze the cost or price first, when several suppliers are bidding, the purchasing personnel should select two or three suppliers with lower bids, and then purchase with and buy separately to obtain a fair and reasonable price. However, when using competitive bidding, buyers must not assume that the supplier with the lowest price is the best supplier. A supplier who can provide support in all aspects of its delivery, after-sales service, marketing support, etc. must be selected comprehensively.