Restaurant Decoration Style and Matched Restaurant Furniture Selection Guide

With the continuous improvement of living standards, special attention should be paid to the decoration of restaurants. Among them, restaurant furniture should be carefully selected in terms of style, color, texture, etc., because the comfort of restaurant furniture has a great relationship with people's appetite.

Restaurant furniture dining table and chairs lohabour
What are the types of restaurant furniture?

Restaurant furniture refers to the utensils used in human daily life and social activities with functions such as sitting, lying, leaning, and eating. Restaurant furniture mainly includes dining tables, dining chairs, booths, sofas, bar stools, bistro tables, turntables, dining cabinets, wine cabinets, baby chairs, etc. What are the styles of restaurant furniture ?

Dessert shop milk tea shop dining table and chairs lohabour

1. Dessert shop minimalist style dining table and chairs. The modern minimalist decoration style is the most used by most people. This style of restaurant furniture conforms to people's consistent aesthetics, and the layout is also more flexible. The price is affordable, the style is novel, and the structure is simple and convenient.

Retro industrial style bistro dining table and chairs lohabour

2. Retro industrial style dining tables and chairs. Industrial retro is a combination of industrial concepts and retro power, and the restaurant furniture products are very individual.

Rustic design restaurant dining table dining chair lohabour

3. Rustic bistro table and chairs set, rural pastoral. There are many rural styles including European style, Japanese style, Chinese style and Korean style. It is suitable for dessert shops and coffee shops.

Modern restaurant furniture bistro table and chairs lohabour

4. Individual creativity. It is different from ordinary dining tables and chairs, and can attract people's attention no matter the style or other aspects.

You opened a restaurant, but you don't know how to choose the restaurant table and chairs. Should you use a round table or a square table? What are the height and dimensions? Don't worry, Lohabour will teach and help you create a perfect space.

According to Lohabour's many years of experience in decorating restaurants, I found that many people who have never done catering, especially those novices, always have a literary and artistic atmosphere in their vision of a restaurant.

For example: sofas and booths must be used for seats, tables and chairs must be elegant and comfortable, tableware must be exquisite and classy, lighting must be elegant and full of style, and music must be soothing and elegant. Speaking of which, you should already have an image of a coffee shop or a western restaurant in your mind, right? Yes, this is the inertial thinking of laymen decorating restaurants.

In fact, in addition to personalization, humanization is more important than the decoration of restaurants, comfort is luxury. When guests enter a restaurant to eat, comfort is a must. The choice of dining table and chairs has a great influence on comfort, which is an item that the guests' bodies are in direct contact with.

But how to choose the restaurant dining table and chairs ? Is there any general tips ?

1. The size of the bistro table

It depends on the type of restaurant and the size of the space. If it is a simple restaurant, then a square bistro table for two is enough. If you choose a round bistro table in a larger restaurant, you must have a diameter of 120cm, which can accommodate a family for dinner. If it is a rectangular bistro table, the size is about 140*70cm, which is more reasonable.

2. The distance between the dining table and the wall

After decoration experience, the dining table should be about 80cm away from the wall, why is it 80cm? Because this distance is the minimum distance that is convenient for everyone to eat when we pull the dining chair out from the dining table, that is to say, the distance between the dining table and the wall should not be less than 80cm.

3. The height of the dining table and chairs

The height of the dining table we usually buy is about 75cm, so the height of the dining chair should be slightly higher than half of the height of the dining table, so a more reasonable height of the dining chair should be about 45cm. Sitting too tall or too short is uncomfortable, and it will also affect dining, so about 45cm is a reasonable height for dining chairs.

4. The distance between the chandelier and the tabletop

In addition to its strong decorative function, the dining room chandelier is mainly used for lighting, so 70cm is a reasonable distance between the chandelier and the tabletop, because this distance is the most ideal distance for the tabletop to be completely and evenly illuminated. Restaurant lighting is still very important, and the atmosphere of dining depends entirely on it.

Having said these 4 points, I believe that everyone has a rough idea of the dimensions involved in the restaurant decoration. A good dining environment can bring guests a good mood.

So what are the restaurant decoration style, space layout and furniture selection ?

1. Style characteristics: According to the different styles pursued, Western-style restaurants mainly include European-style restaurants represented by French and Italian styles, but more restaurants do not need to be very clear about which country's style they represent. Elegant colors, soft light, white tablecloths, luxurious moldings, exquisite tableware, peaceful atmosphere, elegant manners, etc. constitute the characteristics of Western-style restaurants. In general, it can be divided into the following styles.

Antique design restaurant dining tables dining chairs lobabour

1.1 Antique western restaurant. Antique-style western restaurants should be based on tradition in terms of decoration, layout and character costumes, language, actions, performances, etc., and show the appearance of classical culture in general.
The public area of the antique-style western restaurant is suitable for some solid wood french style dining tables and chairs, and the compartment or booth is suitable for some dark brown wax leather or matte leather sofas. The material and color of the bistro set should match the color of the chair upholstery and sofa in the public area as much as possible.

Bistro patio set restaurant dining tables dining chairs lobabour

1.2 Garden-style western restaurant. The garden-style western restaurant highlights the fresh and natural style. Or it is surrounded by mountains and rivers, or it is located in a scenic spot, or it is a single courtyard. It is composed of outdoor space and indoor space, and the business place is often relatively large.
In order to cater to the flower-filled atmosphere of the garden-style western restaurant, the bistro patio set can be made of rattan, teak, or rope-based outdoor dining tables and chairs, giving people a dining atmosphere in the landscape.

Modern western restaurant dining tables dining chairs lobabour

1.3 The Modern western restaurant. The styles of modern western restaurants are relatively diverse, and are often built according to the interests and hobbies of the operators and combined with the structure of the house, each with its own characteristics. The modern decoration style is more diverse in the choice of materials for dining tables and chairs. You can use sintered stone or marble tabletops with leather or velvet cushions to reflect a light luxurious atmosphere, or you can use ash wood bistro tables and chairs to match simple Nordic or Japanese style atmosphere.

2. The Spatial layout: The plane layout of Western-style restaurants often adopts a more regular approach. The bar counter is one of the main attractions of Western-style restaurants, and it is also a necessary facility for every Western-style restaurant.
Because western-style restaurants generally have relatively large floors, large-scale greenery is often used as space decoration and embellishment, and some even cover several dining tables like a large umbrella, which plays a good role in space limitation. Cold food is the main component of western food. Therefore, the cold food table has also become a factor that needs to be considered in western restaurants. In principle, it is located in a relatively central position, which is convenient for customers to eat.
Of course, there are also Western-style restaurants that do not have cold dining tables, and mainly rely on service staff to deliver meals. A performance stage must be set up in the hall of a western restaurant, and a western restaurant can be composed of a hall and a small room. There is no performance stage in the small room and table service performances are used. Depending on the structure of the house, scattered seats, hall seats, booth seats and room seats can be set up separately, and the layout should be reasonable.

3. The Lighting and decoration: In the design of western restaurants, local lighting design and application are the soul of lighting design. The illuminance of the overall space is not required to be very high, and the minimum illuminance for normal activities of personnel shall prevail, and the energy shall be focused on the local lighting that depicts details. Each set of sockets should have a set of light tubes, preferably lights with lampshades, or lights with a small lighting range like candles, and more warm-colored lights are used to create a warm and private space for guests. Making full use of the role of light and shadow is another feature of western restaurant lighting design. This feature can be used to intentionally create some cavities, and put the light in or place it under some plants to shine upwards, so that the space can produce interesting light and shadow, which is both rich and colorful. It not only enhances the visual effect, but also increases the three-dimensionality and layering of the space.

Western-style restaurants are inseparable from the embellishment and beautification of Western artwork and decorative patterns. Western-style restaurants with different space sizes have different requirements for artwork and patterns. In some larger spaces with luxurious decoration, whether it is flat or three-dimensional The size of the decorations is generally larger, and more decorative patterns are used. In Western-style private rooms with little space, the size of the decorations is relatively small. As for the number of decorative patterns, we must proceed from the actual needs, and focus on decoration and treatment on some large empty spaces on the walls or some focal points of sight, and pay special attention to avoiding more decorations and patterns. When decorating a western restaurant, we must highlight its casual nature, giving people a relaxed and lively feeling. The design focuses on expressing its freshness, cleanliness, elegance and fashion, and also emphasizes its unique modern environment, so as to cater to the modern environment that emphasizes simplicity and taste needs of customers. When decorating a western restaurant, comfort is the most important thing.

How can we decorate both fashionable and elegant, noble and luxurious western restaurant ?

For example, color matching. If you are using a dark red floor that alternates with each other, then you can match it with a red cherry wood dining table. Western restaurants generally do not use large light colors when decorating. Deep red is a color with a strong meaning. To give people a kind of cultural depth and elegant style, of course, at the same time, it is inseparable from the matching of soft decoration. The glazed chandelier flickers at the right time, and the fish tank with several green plants interacts harmoniously without losing unity. Decorate the western restaurant in a simple and elegant way with strong colors. You can choose a theme and highlight some themes. You can also use the transformation of space and the switching of materials to interpret the profound meaning of harmony.