Selection Skills and Styles of Hotel Furniture TV Stand

Hotel managers always think about such a problem: how to make customers choose their own hotel and how to make guests come again or introduce friends to come. The answer is to make customers feel at home. The hotel TV stand is the necessary furniture for the room to bring customers a good experience. It can play a good decorative role in the room, improve the decoration grade, and at the same time facilitate the daily use of customers.

Hotel TV stand - to create a home for guests. In addition to its shape and color, the overall performance of the hotel furniture TV cabinet should also be reasonably planned. The hanging cabinet is convenient for placing commonly used objects, and can also place delicate accessories to increase the beauty of the space. Some small ornaments can be placed on the TV cabinet, which looks very homely and warm. In order to ensure cleanliness, a beautiful storage basket can be placed, which can also play a very good decorative role. The hotel TV stand is not the most important decorative furniture in the guest room, but it cannot be ignored. No matter how it is designed and matched, it needs to be considered from the overall situation to make the guest room icing on the cake.

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How to choose a hotel TV stand ?

1. Select hotel furniture TV cabinets according to the size of the room. The size of the hotel TV stand should be determined according to the size of the room space. For example, in a room with a size of about 12 square meters, the width of the TV wall is about 3 to 4 meters, and the TV cabinet of 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters is more suitable.

2. Determine the height according to the end of the bed. The height of the hotel TV cabinet is usually relatively higher than the height of other TV cabinets because the height of the hotel TV cabinet should meet the visual corresponding effect of watching TV on the bed after the TV is placed on it. Many people will feel that when watching TV if the sitting posture and TV orientation are not correct, it will cause back pain and cervical spine pain. Why do you feel pain? Incorrectly sized TV cabinets can harm your health and cause sore necks.

3. Overall decoration. Hotel furniture TV cabinets can be made less monotonous by matching heights and heights, and there is also a visual recycling point to form a sense of spatial hierarchy. Then match the panels with the style of your own decoration, and integrate the style to make a TV cabinet, which looks more unified. If it is matched with home accessories, it will be more beautiful.

4. Color. It usually depends on the decoration style and personal preferences, but it also has its own highlights on this basis. The individual and jumping color styles are loved by many young people. From space, accessories and atmosphere, it creates the taste and vitality of the current fashionable young people, which is also a popular one now.

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How to create a warm and comfortable room environment for guests, the matching and combination of furniture is the top priority.

Hotel TV stand is an important part of the room space. The hotel must pay attention to it when choosing. Not only should the TV cabinet be fashionable and beautiful, but also it should be compatible with the decoration of the hotel room, so as to achieve the best combination effect and improve the overall grade of the room. By doing so, of course, guests will come again.

With the improvement of people's living standards, in hotels, TV cabinets have also become a beautiful scenery in the decoration design. What are the types of hotel TV cabinets? This article has compiled the following styles of hotel TV cabinets for you.

1. According to the material, it can be divided into several types such as steel-wood structure, hardware glass marble and plate type.

With the development of the times, more and more new materials and new processes are used in the manufacture and design of hotel furniture TV cabinets, reflecting their importance in furniture decoration and practicality.

The designer of hotel furniture said that modern hotel furniture should advocate the "minimalist but not simple" TV cabinet design concept and modern design. Experts also suggest that the choice of villa furniture TV cabinets should not be blindly selected based on the price and appearance, but should be selected according to the size of the room, the decoration design style of the room, the variety and size of the TV you put on it, etc. Of course, the TV cabinet should also reflect the personality of the homeowner. and practicality. If necessary, you can consider designing and making your own personalized TV cabinet.

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2. According to the structure, it is generally divided into several types such as floor cabinet type, partition type, combined type and plate frame structure.

According to the designer of the hotel furniture factory, in the hotel furniture TV cabinet series, the floor cabinet is often made relatively short, and its storage space is almost completely enclosed, similar to the cabinet-like product. The partition type refers to a product that divides the TV cabinet into several relatively open storage spaces with materials such as panels. The hanging plate type, as the name suggests, is a creative TV cabinet product that is suspended from various plates. The combination is a combination of the above-mentioned forms.

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In addition, with the popularity of large-screen flat-screen TVs, how to perfectly integrate with modern homes is a problem worth thinking about. Therefore, TV cabinets have become a good bridge. At the same time, the trend of minimalism prevails, and the TV stand also advocates the design concept of "minimalist but not simple", combined with modern design, new materials with a sense of the times, and new technology to create a hotel TV stand with a beautiful personality. It will definitely add a lot to the living room layout and design of the hotel suite.