Top 10 Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers in China

If you wanna open a roof bar restaurant or decorate your garden

Market Overview :

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In the post-pandemic world, tourist travel and consumer spending have increased. These trends are mainly manifested in natural landscapes and cultural and historical areas, which in turn have led to an increase in the number of hotels, resorts, open spaces and public gardens. Therefore, the growing number of hotels and restaurants is likely to drive the outdoor furniture market in the next few years. The increasing financial ability of people to experience leisure and entertainment is increasing consumer spending on outdoor furniture in the residential sector. Some homeowners focus on improving the appearance of gardens and balconies with pleasing and attractive seating areas.

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The choice of outdoor furniture is largely dependent on external climatic conditions. Good weather resistance, crack resistance, insect resistance and super tensile strength are one of the key factors to consider when choosing outdoor furniture. Additionally, enhancing the look to represent the matching architectural theme and style of the living space and the home's balcony plays an important role in the buying decision. Due to the higher profitability of these industries, manufacturing companies are focusing on beach resorts and hotels.

This blog summarizes the latest outdoor furniture brand data for 2021-2022. This list has collected more than 84 brand information in the outdoor furniture industry and the votes of 12,458 netizens for reference. The released brand list is provided by professional big data platforms. Support, comprehensive analysis of the popularity of outdoor furniture industry brands, the number of employees, the scale of corporate assets and operations and other strength data, released this list of data, only for the convenience of users to find good brands for reference.

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A large-scale functional hardware R&D and manufacturing base, a related diversified innovative technology enterprise integrating whole-house custom hardware, intelligent hardware, and e-commerce. Focus on the production of kitchen hardware and some hardware outdoor furniture and other products. The Higold Interstellar Factory has an overall use area of nearly 200,000 square meters, more than 2,000 employees, and 300 technical R&D personnel. It is currently the largest functional hardware R&D and manufacturing base in Asia.


Founded in 1992, it is an enterprise specializing in the design, development, production and sales of outdoor leisure furniture. The products cover outdoor leisure furniture, parasols, tents, stoves and outdoor kitchens. Sell products through channels such as large supermarket chains, brand owners, and e-commerce platforms.


Founded in 1999, it is a well-known brand in the domestic outdoor furniture industry. In response to customers' strict requirements for quality, innovation, and environmental protection, as well as their bulk purchasing and diversification needs, the company has grown to a productivity of more than 300 people, a production scale of 30,000 square meters of industrial parks, and has established a complete R&D, design , production, service system.


Sorara is a high-end garden integrated solution provider in China, which provides outdoor space supporting products and services. Including outdoor shading, outdoor furniture, garden design, etc. They have designers from Spain, Italy, Israel, China, etc., to customize personalized gardens and roof gardens for customers who pursue lifestyle.


The brand is adopted by many celebrities, projects and hotels. It has served the APEC Summit, Hainan Boao Forum, Evergrande Group, and Four Seasons Hotel.


Focusing on outdoor leisure home furnishing for nearly 20 years, with the continuous growth of high-quality outdoor life in Europe and the United States, it adheres to the quality of fine workmanship and brings together global fashion designs. In 2010, it entered the domestic market with the Chinese brand "Ai Rui". It is located in Deqing, Zhejiang, in the Yangtze River Delta. The inspection implements strict European standards.


Founded in 1999, it specializes in all kinds of outdoor garden appliances and travel and leisure products. At present, the company has more than 3,000 employees, has more than 100 patents and self-export management rights, and its products are exported to Europe and the United States.


Founded in 2005, it is a one-stop customized service provider for outdoor leisure home furnishing. Over the years, it has been deeply cultivating in the European and American leisure home furnishing market, insisting on original design and pure hand-made, and conquering European and American home furnishing service providers and old-fashioned outdoor home furnishing enterprises with products.


It is an innovative outdoor furniture manufacturer and an enterprise integrating different product design resources. It integrates production, design and sales. It provides overall solutions for outdoor furniture commercial projects and one-stop procurement. Includes outdoor restaurant bar furniture, resort furniture and patio furniture.


Mainly engaged in outdoor and rattan weaving furniture, professional R&D, production and sales of environmentally friendly furniture manufacturing enterprises, its products have exquisite hand-woven craftsmanship, fashionable shapes, leisure and environmental protection characteristics, and are deeply loved by customers.