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Continued growth in building construction and rising disposable income levels have boosted the demand for furniture in the U.S. in recent years. The U.S. demand for furniture is expected to reach $67.7 billion in 2025, rising at an annual growth rate of 2.7% from $59.3 billion in 2020. Projections cited in the report E-Commerce: United States expect furniture and furnishings to be the fastest-growing segment of e-commerce sales through 2022.

Furniture is used in laboratories, spa, office, restaurants, camping, bedroom, outdoor, library, parks, stores, and many more places. Global furniture market is projected to reach $800,596 million by 2025 end, with a CAGR of 3.5% from 2018 to 2025.

Though the demand for furniture declined in 2020 as public places temporarily closed to restrict the spread of COVID-19. However, while lots of remote workers were stuck at home, they bought furniture through E-commerce platform for their home offices and to redecorate their living spaces, which helped to lessen declines. In addition, the outdoor furniture market grew up as more social activities shifted outside. There’re lots of opportunities to make profits from furniture industry.

By Furniture: United States & Allied Market Research

Potential Cooperation Partner PLan

dealer sofa set furniture
image Dealer Type

1. Wholesalers or Retailers
2. Project Contractor/Builder/Designer
3. Trading Company
4. Overseas sales representative
5. E-commerce seller
6. Furniture or building materials practitioner.

image Cooperation Type

For Wholesalers or Retailers:

1. Provide OEM service with partner’s logo
2. Provide ODM service with Lohabour’s Logo
3. Provide Neutral Packing to the 3rd buyers.
4. Showroom display design.

For Project Contractor/Builder/Designer:

1. Whole project products planning.
2. Cost calculation and budget control.
3. Products designing and production
4. Products quality control and delivery.
5. Installation guide or in-house assembly.

For E-commerce seller:

1. Drop shipping depends on exact country.
2. Provide OEM&ODM service and budget control.
3. Door to door shipping available.

Dealer hotel room furniture
Dealer hotel restaurant furniture


1. What's the MOQ of your products?

About Custom furniture such as custom sofas, dining table chairs,customized cabinets etc, 1 set is acceptable.
for Standard item from Lohabour Collection, 1 set is available if the warehouse keep stock.
But full order QTY shoule be at least 1 x 20GP. You can collect different items in one container.

2. How about the products warranty?

All of our furniture is made of different materials and assorted with over 2 raw materials like glass, marble, panel board, metal, wood, rattan etc,
It can be kept 5 years at least under reasonable maintenance. faux leather covered upholstered furniture is able to keep at least 3 years.
We can also provide maintenance guide and test report before delivery according to customer's requirements.

3. What's your payment terms?

Currently we only support TT payment. 40/60 deposit and balance payment ratio for custom products.
Order Amount is over 1 million USD, we support payment by LC.

4. What's the lead time since placed the order ?

Custom furniture around 45 days.
Standard furniture around 35 days.

5. How about Sample Test and How long to get it ?

Lohabour furniture accept sample test, it depends on the design and finishing, normally preparation time is around 1 month.

6. How to protect our business?

For trade assurance and capital safety, we cooperate with SGS test for quality control and Sinosure company (export credit insurance company)
you can also designated the 3rd party for products quality control and payment.

7. What's the products delivery time?

Its based on local port traffic situation then and policies. Please contact us for more details.

8. Do you have RTA products or stocks ?

We have designs for keeping stocks every month, it can take delivery anytime as you want. We're available to send stocklists regularly to our dealers.

9. Total order Quantity is less than 1 full container, are you available to sell and ship to me ?

We suggest ship by full container to save shipping price and taxes.
If you have agent in China, we're glad to sell and ship to your local agent in China.

If you want to be a Lohabour Dealer, please fill out the form below.