The bed headboard is with double filling design, is more breathable than the overall headboard, and the semi-surrounded headboard is more suitable for modern standard needs.

Lohabour furniture is ergonomically designed to fit the back of the human body comfortably, and the golden ratio is designed by the backrest.
The backrest is filled with high-quality environmental protection doll cotton, with high resilience, no collapse, strong air permeability, environmental protection and health, and no formaldehyde. The front of the headboard is imported chenille linen fabric. The foot of the bed is designed with curved anti-collision.

The inner frame of the bed is made of pine imported from Russia, which is natural, environmentally friendly, and fresh. Good toughness, corrosion resistance, hard texture, good workability. High temperature drying to remove eggs, and it's durable, hand-polished. With an upgraded version of the tighten skeleton. 2CM ultra-dense gap, 5CM wood slats width supports firmly.

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