Modern overall cabinet design pays attention to the unity of function and aesthetics, from design layout, material, storage, and function, which need to be comprehensive. This kitchen cabinet adopts flat varnished door panels and a handleless design, which makes the overall style more unified.

The dark marble panel and the white cabinet door are contrasted in color to show the level of the cabinet. The hanging cabinet is also a handle-free design, with soft closing door hinges, and the ceiling light is designed at the bottom of the hanging cabinet to facilitate the operation of the workbench. There is an opening shelf on the side, which can put some daily seasoning bottles. The refrigerator cabinet and microwave oven cabinet on the left are integrated designs, using an Italian cement pattern gray UV panel, to show a high-end atmosphere and the main white color contrast. The whole-body cabinet door is embedded with various functional storage metal baskets, which is convenient for the storage of various kitchen utensils and makes the kitchen quiet and tidy. This color scheme and door panels are also suitable for apartment projects.

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