Which kitchen cabinet design is the most economical and aesthetically pleasing, the answer is to use melamine board as the door panel. Melamine board is a decorative board made by soaking the paper with different colors or textures in melamine resin adhesive, then drying it to a certain degree of curing, paving it on the base material, and hot pressing.

Various patterns can be imitated arbitrarily, with bright color and luster, used as the veneer of various wood-based panels and woods, with high hardness, wear resistance, and good heat resistance. It can resist the abrasion of common acid, alkali, grease and alcohol, and other solvents. The surface is smooth and clean, easy to maintain, and clean. The base cabinets and high cabinets of this kitchen cabinet mainly use melamine board as the cabinet door, and the countertop can choose artificial quartz stone, which is cheap and strong. In order to avoid the monotony of the kitchen cabinet as a whole, the aluminum alloy door frame glass door panel is selected for the selection of the hanging cabinet door panel, and the LED lights are embedded to supplement the light, which makes the overall cabinet minimalism but not simple.
In large-scale apartment projects, most of the upper and lower cabinets are made of melamine board as the cabinet door, which saves the overall project cost, and the style is fashionable, which can be matched with various interior designs.

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