The austere European-style cabinet style occupies half of the European cabinet, and the cabinet door usually adopts the classic shaker door type. This cabinet can choose high-grade melamine board or solid plywood as carcass. The base cabinets and island cabinets are made of high-quality MDF and sprayed with white paint.

The tall cabinet and refrigerator cabinet use flat painted doors. The wall cabinets are embedded with transparent glass in the shaker door type, which increases the overall design sense. The island cabinet countertop is made of light-colored wood-grain composite boards, which makes the design no longer monotonous. Base cabinet countertops and side panels are covered with light-colored marble, easy to clean and maintain, and built-in stainless steel sinks.
In addition to being suitable for large villa kitchens, this kitchen cabinet can also be customized for small units. According to different apartment specifications, one-line and L-shaped designs can be used, with different functional drawers and kitchen functional baskets. As the most classic shaker door type, with a black, sanded metal handle, it looks elegant and delicate.

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