Flat doors are very common in modern cabinet design. The flat door is simple and elegant, and it is an ideal choice whether it is used with minimalist decoration or a high-luxury interior design. This cabinet is very elegant in the selection of materials and color matching. Light gray matte painting base cabinets and wood grain high cabinets are used as the main color, with aluminum alloy frame door type wall cabinets.

The wall cabinet is embedded with shelf lights, which are opposite to the color of the high cabinet door on the side, showing different color temperatures of cold and warm, making the whole kitchen cabinet design very distinctive and beautiful. The black aluminum alloy frame and the black long handle of the tall cabinet are set off in pairs so that the color matching tends to be more unified. The left side of the island is linked to the same color wood grain round table top with black tapered sanded feet, which is simple and delicate. It is matched with tall wooden chairs for easy dining. This kitchen cabinet is also available with wood grain wall cabinets and light grey painted base cabinets for apartment and hotel projects.

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