American-style kitchen cabinets usually adopt an open layout. When entering the living room, the kitchen will come into view. The kitchen and the living room will not be separated by a partition wall.

The dividing line between the living room and the kitchen is an island cabinet of about one meter. The island structure is basically the upper countertop and lower cabinets with doors. The American style kitchen cabinet is painted with varnish in order to highlight the original color and pattern of the wood, because the American style pays attention to retro and returning to nature.
This kitchen cabinet adopts the standard American kitchen cabinet door type, the cabinet carcass is plywood, and the kitchen cabinet door can choose solid wood or MDF with painting or PVC panel. Base cabinets and island tops are made of natural white marble. In most apartment projects, considering the overall cost and budget control, artificial quartz stone can also be used instead of marble.
This classic American kitchen cabinet is also available in wood grain color for villas and high-end hotels.

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