Modern home design not only considers aesthetics,but also considers space utilization. In order to achieve the perfect unity of interior design and furniture, and to achieve reasonable space planning, custom wardrobes have become a trend. Whether it is a traditional hotel custom wardrobe or small cabinet design, or a return to the bedroom wardrobe or walk in wardrobe of an ordinary residential area, the unity of design style and functional division make the interior design and soft decoration design more suitable for the homeowner's life as much as possible, becoming an interior design The goal pursued by designers and custom furniture manufacturers.

Compared with the side door cabinet, the sliding door wardrobe cabinet is more convenient and saves space, and there are many styles of the sliding door cabinet. In the apartment project, the melamine board or the sliding door cabinet with the mirror is mostly used, which is economical and practical. Drawers and clothes rails are designed inside to make functional partitions. It is convenient for the owner to use in daily life.

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