American-style and European-style antique walk in closet inherit the classics, and mostly use solid wood or MDF to make American or European-style doors. In terms of style, the classical wardrobe mainly has European-style top lines, foot lines and Roman columns.

For larger rooms, it is better to connect the master bedroom and the bathroom with a walk in wardrobe. It can greatly release the functionality of the walk in closet. For homes with spacious bathrooms, you can use the entrance to make a row of wardrobes, and then set up a large-area full-length mirror to extend your vision and make daily life more convenient and fast. If the living room happens to have a mezzanine layout, you can use the mezzanine to make a simple walk in closet with a corridor ladder.
The cleverly designed partitions make every corner of the space fully utilized. For an independent walk in wardrobe, when designing, it is necessary to reasonably arrange elements such as lighting and color to make it not only integrate into the overall style of the room, but also maintain its own unique mood.

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