The advent of the business era has caused fashion trends in all walks of life, and the hotel furniture industry is no exception. In addition to retaining some traditional furniture design patterns, hotel furniture is vigorously innovated. New modern hotel furniture is one of the breakthroughs. development to meet the needs of modern people's material and spiritual life. Modern hotel furniture rooms include beds, bedside tables, sofas, coffee tables, desks, chairs, and cabinets for storing items. The larger the high-end hotel, the more types of furniture that undertake social functions, and the simpler the function of the budget hotel, the fewer the types of furniture.

The overall design style of this twin bedroom is simple and luxurious. The leather headboard is high-end and light luxury atmospheric, the grey fabric bed frame is comfortable and dirt-resistant, and the upholstered bed corner avoids bumping in small spaces. Matching with customized simple European bedside tables and arc-shaped tables and chairs in the same color, the furniture style of the room is unified and complements each other.

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