Modern hotel furniture design mainly has two characteristics, which can also be said to be the pursuit and concept of two different levels: first, practicality and comfort. In the design of modern hotel furniture, similar to the design of villa furniture, furniture is closely related to various activities of people, and the design concept of "people-oriented" should be reflected everywhere, that is, it is used for people and convenient for people, which is practicality. Second, artistic and decorative.

Furniture is the main role that reflects the indoor atmosphere and artistic effect. The placement and display layout of hotel furniture will also make people feel convenient and comfortable, and it can also give people an aesthetic sense. Some people compare good modern furniture design to eggs because Eggs are a whole no matter from which angle they are viewed, that is, simple and full of changes, that is, simple and full of beauty, which makes people feel happy and enjoy.
Most of the layout of modern hotel furniture has started from the simple design style. Therefore, we will all see that the color matching of hotel furniture is more particular, which is also a relatively new decoration method. For example, lighting design is one of its important components. Modern hotel lighting mostly uses soft and warm light. Reasonable lighting arrangement can render the space atmosphere of the hotel and create warmth.

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