Most of the high-end hotel furniture is custom-made with an "E0" grade environmental protection board, native wood and environmental protection paint. When the furniture placed in the relatively closed hotel rooms reaches the "E0" level emission standard, the gas or odour that irritates the eyes and nose is very slight. After the furniture is installed, the window can be opened for ventilation for a few days. Environmentally friendly furniture has become the choice of modern guests staying in the hotel. Important options for conditions.

Customized hotel furniture Through the designer to the hotel to measure, design and draw, formulate raw material plans, feasible process and process operation regulations, etc., use various processing equipment to change the shape, size or physical properties of the raw materials, and process the raw materials to meet the technical requirements.
The basic process is design - production process - lofting - material selection - cutting - edge cleaning - fine cutting - edge sealing (plate type) - assembly - rubbing - wood grinding - bottom oil - oil grinding - coloring - spray Surface - software (part of the product) - packaging.

The technological process is the basic part of the production process.
According to different processing characteristics or processing purposes, the furniture production process is divided into several sections, which scientifically and systematically describe the fundamental principles, typical processes, process parameters, application scope and quality assurance of customized furniture production processes. Measures analyze various factors that will affect production and quality, reasonably prepares the hotel custom furniture process flow and has the ability to practice.

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