The style characteristics of the modern minimalist light luxury hotel furniture: First, the coexistence of simple fashion and high quality. Second, the price is relatively affordable but does not look cheap quality. The design concept is mainly based on the ultimate minimalist style, through some color matching and delicate soft furnishing elements to highlight the texture and at the same time condense unexpected functions and details, thus highlighting a high-quality lifestyle. In terms of space layout, in order to avoid the dull feeling, the space becomes more three-dimensional and full, and the ultimate fashion sense is transformed. Metal elements such as the main light, the ceiling edge frame, etc. are used to balance the vision.

Different from the conventional soft package design in the guest room, the space ratio is increased. The interior lighting and transparency are matched with light colors and dark colors, which form a sharp contrast on the visual level and enhance the style. Light luxury style hotel room furniture design, whether interior design or soft decoration, like to use leather and electroplated hardware as decoration.
In terms of furniture selection, this hotel room chooses an Italian-style light-luxury leather big king size bed, with a low bedside cabinet in the same color. The lounge chair is also combined with the style of the bed, with a leather finish and gold-plated decorative strips, which just match the design of the bed. In addition to the leather and metal decorative strips in the bedside design, two decorative cabinets to the top are also customized on both sides, with built-in light strips, to make the background color level, and match some soft decorations to create a luxurious feel.

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