In the process of customization and production of hotel furniture, the design plan is the primary focus. The designer makes adjustments according to the actual spatial structure of the hotel rooms, halls or corridors, and emphasizes the integrity of functions, structures and forms, and materials in the design, the depth and precision of technology and space, and the perfect integration of hotel interior functions and furniture environment, showing the consistency of hotel design, maximizing and rationalizing the use of hotel space. Hotel custom furniture is designed to match the hotel environment.

The principle of comfort should be followed in the distribution of spatial scale, and the space style should be more flexible. The collision relationship between two adjacent spaces of different styles should be reasonably handled and resolved. Lines can make visual enjoyment more comfortable and free, shared space can have an overall sense of space, and increase the good image of the hotel. Finely selected materials, used for product surface materials, no wood defects are allowed, the log is uniform in color, no blue change, decay, seasonal cracks, cracks, insects, etc.; non-exposed surfaces are allowed to have slight defects, and the area of dead joints cannot exceed 10mm, below 10mm is allowed to be filled with solid wood, the color should be matched, and there is no obvious trace after painting. Material processing is carried out strictly according to the model and drawings, and the first inspection system is strictly implemented during processing. After processing, the cross-section of the parts is neat, and the chamfered parts, slotted corners, hole edges, and lines are smooth and smooth, and there is no burr, chipping, knife jumping, etc. Wave printing phenomenon, the edges and corners of the front edge of the board are even and smooth, the hand feel is good, the edge sealing tape is closely attached to the board, and no glue marks can be seen.
The connection between the tenon and the tenon hole should be properly matched without gaps, and the seam between the drawer and the cabinet door should not exceed 1.5mm; The process requirements are flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation, and the quality control of work-in-progress and products is controlled by self-inspection, inspection, inter-process quality inspection, inter-department handover quality inspection, trial assembly quality inspection, and final inspection control. self-inspection, inspection, inter-process quality inspection Inspection and trial installation are completed under the supervision of the in-process department supervisor and the quality supervisor. The handover of the department is supervised by the department supervisor. The handover and receiver complete the quantity and quality confirmation, and the supervisor reviews and signs.

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