Hotel furniture is an important part of hotel decoration. Hotel furniture should not only consider aesthetics and compatibility but also consider the need for environmentally friendly materials and functions. Moreover, each hotel has different people-oriented positioning, and the selected furniture grade is mainly determined by the material of the furniture.

Panel furniture is mainly composed of disassembled and assembled furniture based on wood-based panels. Modern and simple in style, with various finishes, it has become a dominant product in the custom cabinet market. Because the hotel rooms are in a closed environment, in the selection of materials, more consideration should be given to moisture-proof, non-deformable, environmental protection and other factors. The large core board can be selected, and its important advantage is that the nail holding force is strong, which is convenient for on-site construction. It is not easily deformed, easy to disassemble and transport, and has the advantages of moisture resistance, wear resistance and low-temperature resistance, but the price is slightly higher. Or consider using fiberboard. Because the fiberboard is flat, it has strong invariance and load-bearing, and the internal structure is very careful.

This hotel room furniture is designed with wood-based panels in the lockers and headboards, which is economical. Considering modern minimalist style and comfort at the same time, two twin beds are in grey fabric and high-density foam upholstered, it's very cosy and comfortable.

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