1. easy cleaning leathaire cloth.
2. 22.6KG fluff amount
3. 4A grade grey goose feather
4. seat cushion won't be collapse and the fabric no pilling
5. Health and safety
6. Waterproof, oilproof, antifouling.

Nano-leatheaire cloth has the appearance of nubuck leather. No matter in texture or colour, it has a stunning vision like leather. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and healthy and has the original properties of cloth art that's soft and skin-friendly, wear-resistant and stain-resistant, easy to care for, warm in winter and comfortable in summer.
It is 2-4 times higher than ordinary fabrics after 100,000 wear tests. The fabric is composed of texture layer, breathable layer, thermal insulation layer and composite layer. And has a comprehensive performance that is not lost to traditional cowhide.

The seat cushion is made of natural latex material, which is safe and healthy. The latex has multiple honeycomb pores, which makes the sofa comfortable and breathable, and it is not stuffy after sitting for a long time. Fit the human body curve, apply pressure and relax. The inner frame of the sofa is made of Russian larch wood, the moisture content is strictly controlled, and it is not easy to deform and crack, ensuring that the frame is stronger and more durable.

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