This outdoor garden dining table top is made of teak-coloured plastic wood, with natural wood texture, no harmful substances, insect-proof, mildew-proof, and more durable than ordinary wood. Aluminium alloy frame legs, its strong support, waterproof and sunscreen.

The outdoor dining chair is made of Teslin textile mesh, which is evenly and tightly woven, can withstand extreme cold and high-temperature conditions, is tear-resistant and wear-resistant, comfortable and breathable, has excellent resilience, and does not stick to clothes after sitting for a long time. The overall frame of the garden dining chair is also made of aluminium alloy, which is powder-coated at high temperature, which is resistant to bumping and not easy to fall off the paint. The back is S-shaped, which is designed to fit the human spine. The pressure on the back is stronger and the sitting feeling is more comfortable. The wide and thick U-shaped armrests can completely relax the arms. Wide chair feet are more aesthetic.

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